What is Badoo?


Badoo is one of the emerging applications that have made its place in the mobile phones and computer screens of thousands of people. It can be categorized as a social networking platform, more precisely, a dating application that was launched in 2006. It was released in the community of Soho of Central London. It has over 200 million active users that are spread globally.

The website is free on the first instance. However, Badoo premium gratis can give access to additional features that doesn’t only enhances its functionality but boosts the experience by making it more visually aesthetic.

A dual platform

Badoo initially began as a place where people could chat with each other and meet new people. It has gradually carried out a transition to something more towards a detailed social network. There are multiple of features that we can find on other social media networks. It entails messages inbox, profiles, an image and video album to show off and an instant messenger.

There is no fee charged for registration and takes no time to set up a new profile. Whether you are using the application on iPhone, Android or using the website directly, there are no charges whatsoever. There is also a mobile website that can be utilized.

There is also a feature for Facebook authentication. This is a more convenient option if you want to save time on filling up the new profile. This time could be just spent on meeting new people. Just entering the Facebook details will automatically create a profile also importing the display pictures.

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Irrespective of the platform you are using for Badoo, features tend to be same over all of them. You can learn about different ways to connect with different people. Here are some of the compelling features:

  • Your profile is a reflection of what you are. It acts as an introduction to others. Add more photos and videos to have a better impression. Fill out more information to let others know more about you.
  • You can receive instant messages from other users on Badoo in the inbox. Chat in real time with different kinds of people to get to know different cultures and traditions. You can even check out photo of the day which is sent by Badoo.
  • Visitors is one of the features that will let you know who visited your profile and when did they view it. This is an ideal way to look out for people with similar interests.
  • Encounters is a compelling feature allowing you to look for new friends and date. If you have an interest in someone, click the heart icon. It is a fun way to get to know other profiles and develop connections with them.

The bottom line

Badoo is a combination of dating, chatting and social networking application that is slowly making its place in the market. Statistics show that the users are increasing on regular basis. It can be the new ‘dating application’ in the current market.

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